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The AkeaBLAST! with Akea Essentials:
Packed with Nutrition!

The cornerstone of the AkeaBLAST! is Akea Essentials which contains over 30 Superfoods packed with the nutrients your body needs.  These Superfoods are fermented and further enriched with 3 billion live probiotics in every serving! 

You can live again! Vibrant.  Exhilarating.  Full of life!

After my procedure to eliminate 166 pounds, I was feeling something was missing.  I was still experiencing joint pain, sluggishness and my body had lost the ability to absorb the proper nutrition from my food. With Akea's healthy lifestyle program, The BluePrint for Life, I have been able to restore my health and wellness to a point I have never experienced before.

I'm excited to share this revolution in healthy loss with you with the AkeaBLAST! 

Join the Healthy Weight Loss Revolution!

I'm proud of my partnership with Akea and excited for you to join us in the AkeaBLAST and BluePrint JumpStart. No counting calories, no pills, no meal plans - just a simple realistic and manageable way to lose weight and keep it off while feeding your cells the nutrition they need!